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      Huangying is a professional automation equipment company specialized in the R&D, production, sales of post-press intelligent indentation machine manipulator and solution of Intelligent Packaging system of boutique Box. We provide a series of service of design, project implementation, personnel training and after-sale maintenance.

      Established in 2013, Huangying takes quick response to customers’ needs and constantly lead technological innovation as our mission. Huangying devoted to providing more valuable products and service. In, 2017, we were officially recognized as a high-tech science and technology enterprise with our own patents.

      We researched and developed High speed corner pasting machine, Automatic up-bottom cover box molding machine, Intelligent vision positioning robot, intelligent die cutting indentation scrapping manipulator, Automatic die cutting machine, Box gluing line, Intelligent box making machine and so on one after another. We lead in the manufacture and technology of automatic box making machine. Our machines are widely used for die cutting and boutique packing box processing. They bring good benefits to customers and get a good reputation from the customers at the same time.

      In the future, we will continue to uphold professional and sound business philosophy, and strive to build strong R & D capabilities, manufacturing capacity, sales team and after sales service. We will do our best to create more value for customers, employees, partners and society.

      Our mission: Changing traditional manufacturing into intelligent manufacturing.

      Our vision: Influence the world with Chinese intelligent manufacturing.

      Our target: Become a standard-setting enterprise in the field.

      Our philosophy: Personal growth and family happiness, enterprise developing and country prosperous and powerful.

      Our positioning: Not only to be the number one but also the only one.

      Our promise: Customers’ satisfaction is always our mission.

      Dongguan Huangying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional developer and manufacturer of post-press intelligent indentation die-cutting machine manipulators and boutique box intelligent packaging system solutions. The company integrates R&D, production, sales and service to provide customers with full service from solution design, project implementation, personnel training to after-sales maintenance.

      Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been committed to providing customers with more valuable products and services by responding to customer needs and continuously leading technology innovation. He has obtained a number of invention patents and was officially recognized as a high-tech technology company in 2017.

      Independent research and development: Tiandi cover high-speed angle machine, Tiandi cover molding machine automatic, intelligent vision positioning robot, die-cutting indentation intelligent stripping robot, automatic die-cutting beer machine, carton glue line, intelligent box production line, etc. product. The product technology level is industry leading, widely used in die cutting and fine packaging box processing, bringing good production benefits to customers, and has won the praise of the majority of users.

      In the future, Huangying people will continue to uphold the professional and stable business philosophy, and strive to build strong research and development capabilities, strong manufacturing capabilities, strong sales capabilities and strong after-sales service capabilities, creating greater opportunities for customers, employees, shareholders and society. the value of.

      Corporate mission: to change traditional manufacturing with intelligence

      Corporate Vision: Affecting the World with Chinese Intelligence

      Corporate Goals: Becoming a standard-setting company in the industry

      Corporate philosophy: personal growth, family happiness, corporate development, national prosperity

      Four powerful: strong R&D capabilities, strong after-sales service capabilities, strong sales capabilities, strong manufacturing capabilities

      Corporate Declaration: Transforming traditional manufacturing with intelligence

      Commitment to customers: meeting customer needs is the goal pursued by Huang Yingren